Amaca airline seat.


A concept design offering a new paradigm for premium economy airline seating. 


Offering dramatically improved recline, legroom and privacy at a seat pitch as low as 32 inches, the Amaca seat bridges the gap between passenger comfort and cost expectations, and offers airlines the opportunity to radically increase their profit per unit area of aircraft floorspace. 


While the aesthetic design is heavily form-following-function, the mechanical components were influenced by the philosophy of multi-function parts, so that where practical, each component serves at least two functions at once. Example are the electric motor housing, that also serves as the main support spar for the seat base, and the upper seat guiderail, that also serves as the toothed rack for the pinion gear to act on, and adds critical strength to the main seat support structure. 


This project has been ongoing since early 2013 and is currently patent pending, with work beginning on early-stage prototypes.